CM Dhami reached Pauri tour, did meditation-yoga in quiet plains, then went to public visit

Uttarakhand CM Pushkar Singh Dhami, who arrived on the tour of Pauri district, visited the village on Monday morning. Earlier, he did yoga and meditation here in the serene valleys. After this, while meeting the people here, along with listening to the problems, also took suggestions from the people regarding development.

Today is the second day of Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami in Pauri district. He started the day with morning walk and yoga-meditation. CM rested the night at the home stay of Rawat village. By planting saplings here, the CM met the people of the village and inquired about their condition. Also took the opinion of the people related to the development of the village. During this, the ex-servicemen present in the village shared their experiences with the Chief Minister.

Chief Minister Dhami said that the soul of our state resides in the village itself. The development of the country is possible only with the development of Gram Sabhas. Our villages are heritage of ancient culture, it is our duty to keep them alive. On the first day of the tour, Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami inaugurated Antyodaya Free Gas Cylinder Refill Scheme at Kandolia Maidan in Pauri on Sunday.

CM said that 1 lakh 76 thousand Antyodaya card holder families of the state will get benefit from the scheme. Said that every Antyodaya card holder family will be given three gas cylinders free of cost refilled in a year. During this, the CM made several announcements and also inaugurated and laid the foundation stone of several schemes.

Chief Minister said that earlier women used to go to collect wood to light the stove, many times accidents used to happen. Women used to get many diseases due to smoke.

The Prime Minister has reduced this pain of the women of the country under the Ujjwala scheme. Now lakhs of families will be benefited from this Antyodaya free gas cylinder refill scheme.

During this, CM handed over symbolic refill gas cylinders to more than 20 women.

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