After four months of love marriage, she got married to her old lover at her husband’s house

After four months of love marriage, she got married to her old lover at her husband's house

A case has come to light in Mirzapur where a girl was married to her old lover in her husband’s house. It is being told that four months ago, a girl who got married of her own free will fell in love with her old lover.

When the matter came to the fore, both of them married each other in the midst of an uproar. There was an uproar between the husband and wife after the lover of the woman came in front of them. Amidst the uproar, on the initiative of the villagers, the woman was married to her lover at her husband’s doorstep.

The relatives of both the woman and the alleged lover were also present at the time of marriage. Both of them gave their written consent socially among the villagers and became a couple.

Vishwajit Bhagat, a resident of Mirzapur, is an auto driver. He fell in love with Champa Kumari, a resident of Bakhtiyarpur, four months ago and both of them got married two months ago of their own free will. Two months after the marriage, a young man named Abhiraj entered the woman’s life.

Abhiraj, a resident of Mokama Bakhtiyarpur, is said to be the former lover of Aarti. Ex-boyfriend Abhiraj reached Aarti’s in-laws Mirzapur on Sunday night to meet his girlfriend. Aarti also left the house to meet her lover and went to her lover.

The villagers saw both of them meeting and caught both of them. There was an uproar in the village after the lover-girlfriend was caught. Soon there was a gathering of people, in the morning the villagers informed the families of both of them. Late on Monday night, the villagers got Aarti and her first lover Abhiraj married.

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