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Lover marries dead girlfriend, vows to remain celibate for life

Guwahati: While on the one hand, the case of Aftab’s brutality regarding the Shraddha murder case is overshadowed in the country, on the other hand, a unique example of love has come to the fore from Assam. Where the lover married her while maintaining this relationship even after the death of the girlfriend.

This news from Assam has once again termed the relationship of love as a sacred relationship. Not only this, along with marrying the dead body of his girlfriend, the young man also vowed that he would remain a bachelor for the rest of his life.

This matter is being told of a village in Assam. It was the wish of the girlfriend to become the bride of her lover. And the young man Bitupan Tamuli also fulfilled this last wish of his girlfriend. This marriage of the loving couple is being discussed fiercely on social media.

It is being told that the girl prayer had an incurable disease. He died on November 18 during treatment at the hospital.

After this, when the preparations for the last rites were going on, the lover reached Bitupan and hugged the dead body while crying. Bitupan filled vermilion and also garlanded him in the demand of girlfriend’s prayer.

Seeing this, everyone’s eyes became moist. After this marriage, only one thing was coming out of everyone’s lips that if there is love…

As long as I am.. I will be yours

People say about Bitupan and Prarthana that both loved each other very much. Both wanted to marry each other. But even before this, Prarthana became terminally ill.

At the same time, Bitupan’s love for prayer did not diminish even after this. After being diagnosed with the disease, the lover Bitupan Tamuli started loving Prarthana even more than before.

This was the reason that the lover had vowed that he would live as his beloved as long as he lived. Bitupan made it a reality by marrying Prarthana.

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