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Shraddha Murder Case: Letter revealed big secret of police negligence

Shraddha Murder Case: What a sad coincidence that Shraddha Walkar had complained about Aftab Poonawala to the Vasai police in Mumbai on this very day. In the police complaint given on 23 November 2020, Shraddha had told that Aftab tried to kill her by strangling her. It is written in the letter, ‘He (Aftab) has said that he will kill me and throw me into pieces.’

Shraddha had told that Aftab has been beating her for 6 months. Today, when this letter has come to the fore, six months have passed since his murder. The accused is in the custody of the police and Aftab really cut Shraddha’s body into 35 pieces, which is being searched. Till now the head part of the dead body has not been recovered.

He has been beating since 6 months… read Shraddha’s letter

A lot has become clear from this letter of November 2020. This shows that even though they were living in a live-in relationship, their relationship turned sour very quickly. Shraddha had also given Aftab’s two phone numbers in the letter.

shraddha walker letter

Shraddha says, “Aftab abuses and beats me. Today he tried to strangle me… since 6 months he has been beating me but could not muster the courage to come to the police as he threatened to kill me His parents know that he beats me… They know that we are living together. I am still with him because we were about to get married. Now I don’t want him to live with me.”

On the other hand, police sources have said that the couple had ended their relationship long back. Aftab has told investigators that they were living as flatmates at the time of the crime. They were also keeping separate accounts of the expenses.

There used to be a fight between them on the issue of who would buy the household items. During interrogation, the murder accused tried to mislead the police. This is the reason why narco test has become necessary in this case.

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