Uttarakhand Weather: Minimum temprature reached 7.7 degree in Doon, read update

Uttarakhand Weather: Effect of Western Disturbance active in Jammu-Kashmir and Ladakh is not visible in Uttarakhand, but severe cold has started despite Western Disturbance not being active. According to the report released by the Meteorological Department, the minimum temperature in the capital was recorded at 7.7 degrees on Saturday night. While the lowest temperature in the plains was recorded at Pantnagar at 5.1 degrees, which was two less than normal.

Capital Doon recorded a maximum temperature of 28.3 degrees Celsius, which is six notches above normal. On the other hand, meteorologists have expressed the possibility that there will be a rapid drop in temperature in the coming few days, due to which there is a possibility of cooling. According to Vikram Singh, director of the Meteorological Center and senior meteorologist, after December 15, there are full chances of getting cold. In such a situation, people need to be careful.

Risk of cold, cough cold, high blood pressure with increasing cold
With the mercury falling and the cold rising, the number of patients with cold, cough, cold as well as high blood pressure has increased in government hospitals like Doon Hospital, Coronation and Gandhi Shatabdi. According to Dr. NS Bisht, Senior Physician of District Hospital Coronation, a large number of patients with cold, cough, cold as well as high blood pressure are coming to the OPD for treatment.

High blood pressure risk
According to senior physician Dr. Bisht, the blood vessels of the body get constricted in cold weather. This increases the risk of high blood pressure. Protect yourself by wearing warm woolen clothes to avoid the cold. Especially the elderly need to be very careful. The elderly should stay inside the house till the bright sun is out. Along with taking special care of food, if you are taking medicines for BP, then take medicines only after consulting your doctor.

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