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Child thief ASHA worker sold child for two & half lakhs

Police has uncovered the incident of kidnapping of an eight-month-old child from Kadach locality of Jwalapur Kotwali area. While recovering the child safely, the police have arrested seven people including the Child thief ASHA worker involved in the case and the cloth merchant who bought the child.

Child was abducted by the neighboring women together. After this, the Asha worker handed over the child to the cloth merchant after fixing a deal for Rs 2.5 lakh. DIG Garhwal Karan Singh Nagnyal and SSP Ajay Singh have patted the disclosure team.

Child thief ASHA worker sold child for two & half lakhs

Disclosing the kidnapping incident at the SSP office in Roshanabad late Sunday evening, DIG Garhwal Karan Singh Nagnyal said that Shivang, an eight-month-old son of Ravindra resident Kachchh Jwalapur, was abducted on Saturday. When Shivang was abducted, he was sleeping and his mother Rakhi had gone to the terrace to dry clothes.

DIG Garhwal said that after registering a case of kidnapping, police and SOG teams were immediately engaged in the investigation. Investigation was launched by tracing the suspicious mobile phone numbers. On Sunday, after getting the location of a mobile phone number near Bharat Mata Mandir, Asha worker Ruby, resident of Gagalhedi, Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh, was laid siege and arrested, Asha, resident of Kachchh Mohalla, who is an Anganwadi worker, and Sanjay, resident of Shyampur, Kangri, a textile trader.

The child was recovered from these people. After interrogating them, Kiran, Anita, Sushma residents of Mohalla Kachchh and Parul, wife of textile businessman Sanjay, involved in the kidnapping case, were arrested. He told that Kiran, Sushma and Anita together had kidnapped the child.

He told that Kiran, who lives next door to Ravindra’s house, picked up the sleeping child by getting an opportunity. She handed over the baby to Sushma, who lives in another lane, Sushma gave it to Anita, who lives next door. Anita handed over the child to ASHA worker Ruby.

Ruby and Asha went to Bahadarabad area on Saturday itself and handed over the child to cloth merchant Sanjay. Sanjay gave Rs 50,000 in cash and promised to pay Rs 2 lakh later. After this Sanjay took the child to his wife.

Sanjay got scared after the information of child theft spread. He called Ruby and Asha on Sunday morning. Calling near Bharat Mata Mandir, the child was returned to him. Meanwhile, all three were caught and the whole matter came to light. He told that Rs 50,000 has also been recovered.

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