Uttarakhand Congress huge march against BJP govt

Dehradun: Uttarakhand Congress Sachivalaya March on Monday. Congress marched to the Secretariat against the Uttarakhand government on various issues including women harassment, corruption.

On the call of Chakrata MLA and former Leader of Opposition Pritam Singh, workers from all over the state gathered at the Rangers Ground. After the meeting here, the workers traveled to the secretariat via Darshan Lal Chowk, Ghantaghar and Ashlehal.

When the procession of Congressmen reached near the secretariat, the police stopped it by placing barricades. On which many Congress leaders climbed the barricading. During this, there was a scuffle between the police and the protesters. Not only this, some protesters came to perform with Dhol-Damau. During this, a large number of police forces were deployed to maintain the security system.

During this, former minister Dr. Harak Singh Rawat said that today the souls of the agitators who sacrificed their lives for the formation of the state must be crying.

The failure of the government is reflected in the Vanantara episode, the UKSSSE recruitment scam. The victim did not get justice in Chawla rape. Said that the battle was fought to create Uttarakhand, now the battle to save Uttarakhand will have to be fought.

Former Congress state president Pritam Singh said that the people gave the BJP a chance to form the government with a thumping majority. But in the last about 9 months, the people sitting in power have given those wounds to the people of the state which will not heal soon.

Said that the government is directionless and it has no concern with the public. Congress will not tolerate the harm of the public. The party will strongly raise the voice of the people. If needed, this struggle will be intensified.

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