Shraddha Murder Case: After murder, Aftab sold this on OLX of her…

Shraddha Murder Case: After murder, Aftab sold this on OLX of her...

Shraddha Murder Case: Everyday new revelations are happening in the Shraddha Walker murder case. After the murder was detected on November 11, sensational information related to the incident has come to light. Shraddha’s live-in partner Aftab Amin Poonawalla not only brutally murdered her, but also in a very clever way threw the body parts all over Delhi. Know, the latest updates related to the Shraddha-Aftab case

Police searching for pieces of dead body

A team of Delhi Police reached Chhatarpur forest area to collect evidence in the Shraddha murder case. Aftab told the police that he had thrown the body parts at many places. Police is scanning CCTV footage from May-June but it is not clear whether Poonawala is in it or not.

Aftab and Shraddha had taken flat as husband-wife

Aftab Amin Poonawalla and Shraddha Walker had introduced themselves as husband and wife while taking a flat on rent in Vasai. The rent agreement was in the name of Aftab. Both left the Vasai flat in September last year and shifted to another place nearby. From this place he came to Delhi in March 2022.

Aftab shed lot of water after Shraddha murder

According to the police, after killing Shraddha, Aftab dismembered the body in the bathroom. He used a lot of water to remove the blood stains. The water bill of Shraddha-Aftab’s flat is outstanding, which is around Rs 300. Neighbors told the police that Aftab used to peep into the water tank of the building almost every day.

Aftab sold phone on OLX after Shraddha’s murder

According to TV reports, Aftab was constantly changing his SIM card after Shraddha’s murder in May. He also sold his phone on OLX. After the incident, Aftab talked to many women through dating apps. He also brought some to the flat.

What did Shraddha’s father say today?

Shraddha’s father Vikas Walker said in a conversation with ANI that ‘Delhi Police had realized that Aftab sometimes lies and sometimes tells the truth. So he applied for narco test. I have a feeling that I am going to get justice. If he has committed the crime, he should be hanged. Vikas said that ‘I always felt that he was lying, I told Mumbai and Delhi police. Aftab is cunning and has destroyed the evidence in the last 5-6 months. In such a situation, the police will have some difficulty in bringing out the truth. I will not rest in peace until Aftab is given death sentence.

Shraddha was pregnant at the time of the murder, doctor’s prescription will reveal the secret!

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