27 dead bodies came out by Uttarakhand avalanche

Uttarkashi: Uttarakhand Avalanche 29 mountaineers went missing after being hit by an avalanche in Dokrani Bamak Glacier in Uttarkashi, out of which 27 dead bodies have been recovered, two people are still missing.

The pain of those who lost their liver pieces in this incident cannot even be imagined. The Kainthala family of Narkanda village in Himachal Pradesh is also one of them.

The fire of the pyre of a son of the village who lost his life in the accident had not even cooled down, that the next day the body of another son of the village reached.

On October 4, Shivam Kainthala and Anshul Kainthala, residents of Narkanda village of Himachal, went missing in Draupadi’s Danda avalanche accident.

On Friday, three days after the accident, the body of Shivam Kainthala was first brought to the district headquarters Uttarkashi. On Saturday, Shivam was cremated at the ancestral ghat of the village.

The family members could not even recover from the shock that the next day on Sunday, the body of 24-year-old Anshul Kainthala also reached Uttarkashi.

Ashul’s father, the ex-serviceman Inder Kainthala, was expecting the only son to return safely, but on seeing the son’s body, his eyes were filled with tears.

Inder Kainthala told that Anshul was fond of music and adventure sports. He last spoke to his mother Geeta Kainthala on the phone.

Then he had said to return by October 8, the son did not come, but the next day the wretched news of his body was found.

Anshul did a basic course in mountaineering from Himachal Dharamshala itself. Let us inform that since Draupadi’s Danda Avalanche accident (Uttarkashi Avalanche), total of 21 bodies have been handed over to the relatives, 6 bodies are in the Advance Base Camp, while 2 people are still missing.

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