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Ravish Kumar taunt on PM Modi, next time don’t give slogan “One Earth, One Nation”

TV journalist Ravish Kumar has taken a jibe at Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s mantra ‘One Earth, One Health’ in G-7 summit session. He said that next time PM should not give the slogan of “One Earth, One Nation”.

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A senior journalist associated with NDTV said this through a Facebook post on Sunday (June 13, 2021). He wrote, “Prime Minister, how will one earth, one country be instead of one earth, one health? There is a limit to even rhyme.” Questioning the media, he further said – the mantras that Modi gave in G-7 meet, it was published by the newspapers as if they had given a very heavy mantra. Last year, the PM, who called “local-local”, has again started talking about global health. But think about it, does this slogan make any sense? Ravish Kumar Modi

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According to the journalist, “What would people have thought after hearing this superficial slogan that what is one earth, one health? Everything is not “One Nation, One Ration”, “One Nation Election”. The country which is the worst in terms of health, which the world has seen that is yearning from hospital beds to medicine, on behalf of that country, the PM is telling how everyone fought the pandemic together? Do those countries not know what happened in India? It’s amazing. Leaving everyone on their own condition, they are giving knowledge to the world that everyone fought together in India. This is the model of “One Earth, One Health”. What is this?”

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According to Ravish, the desire to write slogans on the wall of the school and behind the truck should be avoided. If “one nation, one nation” is seen in all this, then next time don’t give the idea that there should be “one earth, one country”. There should be only one person who keeps telling lies all over the world. You first improve your health in your country, then you will continue to distribute cheap slogans to the world. But before distributing, one should think once what the words are saying.

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In fact, the PM addressed a session of the G-7 summit on Saturday in a digital way. During this, he appealed to adopt “one earth, one health” approach to effectively deal with the corona virus pandemic. He also stressed the special responsibility of democratic and transparent societies to deal with the challenge, calling for global solidarity, leadership and synergy to prevent future pandemics. Ravish Kumar Modi

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