After Petrol, now Diesel price also reached beyond 100 rupees

New Delhi: First time during Modi government at Centre, record of petrol price crossing Rs 100 per litre had already been made, now diesel has also made an incredible record of crossing Rs 100 rupees.

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After exemption given to the oil companies, prices of petrol and diesel are being increased continuously for 23 days, due to which their prices are touching higher.

While petrol has reached above Rs 100 rupees per litre in many states of the country, in Rajasthan, diesel has now crossed Rs 100 per litre.

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On Saturday, the price of diesel reached Rs 100.05 per litre in Sriganganagar. The price of petrol here is already Rs 107.22.

According to notification of public sector fuel companies, price of petrol was increased by 27 paisa per litre on Saturday while that of diesel by 23 paisa per litre.

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After this, Karnataka became the seventh state where petrol has gone above Rs 100 per litre.

Earlier, in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Union Territory of Ladakh, retail price of petrol had already reached Rs 100 or above.

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VAT rates are among the highest in Rajasthan. Due to this, at present the rate of premium petrol is Rs 110.50 and premium diesel rate is Rs 103.72 per litre.

Santosh Yadav, National President of Bharatiya Jan Nayak Party says that, ‘Lotus flower Chosen is, our mistake’, we will now rectify it in 2024.

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He said that, the way of central government is engaged in robbing the people who are suffering from corona pandemic and lockdown, in such a way no vulture even scratches the corpse.

Santosh Yadav says that, in upcoming 2024 general elections, apart from “Andhbhakt” (blind devotees) and few people who have sold their souls, no citizen of the country will want the misrule of BJP government again. Together we will teach a lesson to 2024.


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