Modi govt collected 2.74 lakh crores tax on petrol and diesel during Corona Pandemic

Lucknow: National General Secretary of All India Congress Committee and in-charge of Uttar Pradesh, Priyanka Gandhi attacked on BJP central government and said that inflation in the country is uncontrollably breaking backbone of common man, during Corona crisis, when there was an outcry everywhere due to the deaths, unemployment at same time. And inflation gripped the country and central government is only collecting taxes from the public by keeping its hands on it.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi left people destitute during the Corona pandemic and is refraining from giving any relief to the country, which is moaning due to Corona crisis and inflation.

She said that prices of essential commodities including petrol, diesel, mustard oil, tur dal are increasing rapidly, not taking initiative to control it, but by giving legal status to hoarding and black marketing of essential consumer goods, everything is available in the market. With handover, the situation has become increasingly dire.

Modi Government has collected 2.74 lakh crore tax on petrol and diesel, and has abandoned constitutional path of public welfare and is harassing public only and only by imposing heavy taxes.

Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi while lashing out at  government said that Prime Minister Shri Modi is constantly wasting government money to mislead the country and build his personal image.

She said that there is zero willpower in government, asking the question to the Prime Minister that what did public get from huge tax collected from petrol and diesel?

Congress General Secretary said that if BJP government had human sensitivity during crippling time of crisis, then from the tax collected to rescue public from the crisis, 67000 crore vaccine doses for the country, oxygen plants in all the districts of country, AIIMS hospitals in 29 states. Along with this, by helping 25 crore poor of the country with a lump sum of Rs 6000, she could have given great relief in times of crisis.

Priyanka Gandhi alleged that instead of public welfare policies, the focus of the government is limited only to levying huge taxes on the public. The oppressive attitude of the Central and Uttar Pradesh government with the public is putting humanity to shame. He said that the public has not got anything from this government, it has only been cheated.

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