Ganesh Murti Vastu rules If you know these rules of Vastu before Ganesh installation, every wish will be fulfilled

Ganesh Chaturthi will be celebrated across the country on Wednesday, August 31, and on this day, Ganpati will arrive in the house and be worshiped with all the rituals.

Ganesh Chaturthi will be celebrated across the country on Wednesday, August 31, and on this day, Ganpati will arrive in the house and be worshiped with all the rituals. If you also want to install Ganesh Murti in your house this time, there are some special rules in Vastu regarding what his appearance should be. These rules state that we can choose the form of Ganeshji according to our wishes.

There are many rules in the scriptures for installing the idol of Lord Ganesha. Special attention should be paid to the appearance of the statue of Lord Ganesha, what the color is, what the shape and direction of his trunk and what the whole appearance, so that the house can be happy, prosperity and wealth blessed.

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Every form of Ganesha signifies happiness and prosperity. Each form is associated with the accomplishment of a particular task. Different forms of Ganesha are worshiped for the attainment of wealth. Separate wealth for attainment of pleasures Separate attraction for attainment of blessedness There is a separate idol of Lord Ganesha for increasing the effect.

For the attainment of happiness and prosperity

Those who want happiness, prosperity and peace in the house should keep white Ganesha in the house or a picture of white Ganesha.

To overcome obstacles

Those whose work is always stuck and obstacles come, they should keep Ganeshji of sindoor color in their house and continuously worship him every day.

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Put such Ganesh idol in your house

Never place an idol of Lord Ganesha in the house in which Lord Ganesha is standing. Sitting Ganesh brings happiness, prosperity and success in the house.

Such is the Ganesh statue for the shop

If you want to place Ganesh statue in your workplace ie shop or office, it is very auspicious to have a standing Ganesh statue. This increases the positive energy at that place. That work grows and progresses.

Keep these things in mind

When installing the Ganesha idol, make sure that their favorite vehicle is a mouse with them and Ganesha is holding a modak or laddu. A Ganesh idol without a mouse and laddu is ineffective.

By doing so, Riddhi-Siddhi gets angry

There should be only one idol of Lord Ganesha in the place of worship. Having more than one idol makes his wives Riddhi and Siddhi angry. Be sure to offer Durva to Lord Ganesha every day and chant the mantra ‘Om Gm ​​Ganapataye Namah’ while offering Durva. The swastika is the favorite symbol of Lord Ganesha. If there is any kind of architectural defect in the house, a swastika should be placed. This removes all kinds of architectural defects.

Such should be the statue at the main entrance

Placing an idol of Lord Ganesha Murti on the main door of the house eliminates Vastu Dosh. According to Vastu, making a swastika on the wall with a mixture of ghee and sindur in the place where Vastu Dosha is affected reduces the effect of Vastu Dosha.

If your house is facing south

If the main door of your house is facing south, such houses are called south facing. By placing Ganeshji statue on both sides inside and outside the door of such a house, this defect is automatically erased. The householder starts getting the fruits from the second week. Remember that the statue should not be too big or too small.

Bandanwar of Ganeshji

Bandanwar of Lord Ganesha is also considered very auspicious. Often, the use of Bandanwar in the houses on Teej festivals has a very special significance. It is considered to be very auspicious according to Vastu. If you use a shutter on the main door, keep it very clean and bright. Do not place any dirt in front of the main door. Place the idol of Ganesh inside or outside the house in such a way that the face should always be facing north or east when offering obeisances.

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