Ganesh chaturthi pooja vidhi and mantra in English

Installing an idol of Ganesha on the day of Ganesh Chaturthi, then you should also know the method and mantras of Ganpati worship.

If you are thinking of worshiping Ganpati in your house by installing an idol of Ganesha on the day of Ganesh Chaturthi, then you should also know the method and mantras of Ganpati worship. Establishing Ganesh idols by mantras and scriptural methods and worshiping them, Ganpati removes obstacles and in the form of Mangalmurti brings all kinds of auspicious luck in the lives of devotees in all respects. Let us know how to sit and worship Ganesha idol on Ganesh Chaturthi.

First of all bring water in an urn. Wherever you have made a pavilion for worship, sit there by laying a seat. Taking water in hand, first take kush and water in hand, then chant the mantra –
Om unholy: holy va sarvavasam gatoapi va.
y: smeret pundarikasam sa bahantar: shuchi: ..

Then sprinkle the water on you and all the items kept for worship. After that do aachman three times. Take water in your hand and Om Keshavaya Namah Om Narayanaya Namah Om Madhavaya Namah Om Hrishikeshaya Namah. While speaking like this, touch your mouth with water thrice with your hands and then wash your hands. After this, keep some unbroken rice at the place where Ganesha is to be worshipped. Place the idol of Ganesha on it.

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After making Ganesha sit on his seat, first of all take a vow to worship Ganesh Chaturthi fast. Do not worship without resolution. For Ganesh worship, take flowers, fruits, betel leaf, betel nut, akshat (unbreakable rice), silver coin or some rupees, sweets, etc. in small quantities, take water in hand and then chant the resolution mantra-

OM Vishnu Vishnu Vishnu:, ऊं Tatsaddya Sri Puranapurushottama Vishnu’s command of the Brahman in the second Paradrdha Sri Swetavaraha Kalpa in the seventh Vaivasvata Manvantara, in the twenty-eighth Kali Yuga, Kali Yuga, in the first phase of the Brahmavarta, the Brahmavarta in the same place in the Brahmavarta-ekadesa, the name of the holy place in the field of the Baduddha Aditya Dakshinayane, Masanam Masottame Bhadra Masse Shukla Paksha Chaturthi Tithou Budhavasare Chitra Nakshatre Shukla Yoge Vishti Karanadisatsusubhe Yoga (Take the name of the gotra) Gotraottpannoham Amuknama (Take your name) Gross-Sap-Ksayapurvakam Sarvarishta Shanti-mittyo-mr. .

After making the resolution, worship the Kalash. Place the Kalash on the right side of Ganesha. Wrap a coconut in a red cloth on the Kalash and keep it in such a way that only the front part is visible. Place mango, betel nut, coin in the Kalash. Wrap a red cloth or Molly around the neck of the Kalash. After this, place coconut on the Kalash and light a lamp on it.

Invoke Varun deity in the Kalash with akshat and flowers in hand. Also the mantra ‘O3am tatvayami brahmana vandamanastadashaste yajmano havibhi:. Ahadmano varuneh bodhyurshanas maan age: pramoshi:. (Asmin kalashe varunam sang saparivaram syudh sashtikmavahyaami, o3mbhurbhuva: svahbho varuna ihagachha ishtishtha. sthapayami poojayami) utter the mantra. In this way, after worshiping the Kalash, first of all worship Ganesha. Meditate on Lord Ganesha with flowers in hand and chant ‘Gajananambhutganadisevitam Kapittha Jambu Phalcharubhakshanam’. Umasutam shoka vishakarakam namami vighneshwarpadapankajam.’ Read the mantra.

After taking Akshat in hand, recite the invocation mantra ‘Om Gan Ganapataye Ihagachchh Ih Supritishto Bhava’ and put it in front of Ganesha in Akshat pot. After this, recite verse, arghya, bath, achaman mantra. Take water in your hand and say- ‘Etani padyadyachamiya-snaniyam, punarachamaniyam um ganapataye namah’. Read the mantra. Keep the water in the vessel. After this, apply Shrikhand sandalwood by saying ‘Idam rakta chandanam lepanam um gam ganpataye namah,’ and ‘Idam shrikhand chandanam’. After this, apply vermilion to Ganesha with the chanting of the mantra ‘Idam Sindurabharanam Lepanam Om Ganapataye Namah’. After this, offer Durva and Vilbpatra. Idam Durvadalam Om Gan Ganapataye Namah. By saying Idam Bilvapatram Om Ganapataye Namah, Durva and Belpatra should be offered respectively. Wear red clothes to Ganesha. Idam rakt vasram um ganapataye samparpayami. Make Ganesha achaman by offering Modak with ‘Idam Nanavidhi Naivedyani Om Ganga Ganapataye Samarpayami:’ and ‘Idam Sugar Ghrut containing Naivedyam Om Ganga Ganapataye Samarpayami:’. Offer betel nut and betel nut along with ‘Idam achamanayam um ganapataye namah’ and ‘Idam tambool pugifal samayuktam um ganapataye sampayami:’. Now take a flower and offer it to Ganpati and say ‘Esh: Pushpanjali Om Ganapataye Namah’. Offer obeisances to Ganesh ji by offering flowers. After worshiping Ganesha, worship Riddhi, Siddhi Devi and Kshem Labh. After this perform aarti and distribute prasad.

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