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Farmers planning to set big rock for BJP in UP assembly election 2022

Meerut: Rakesh Tikait, national spokesperson of Bharatiya Kisan Union (BKU), who is leading the farmer protest against agricultural laws, has openly announced that they will set big rock for BJP in UP assembly election 2022.

Tikait reached Meerut in Uttar Pradesh to meet the agitators sitting on protest. During this, he said that he will go to every corner of Uttar Pradesh and appeal to the people not to vote for ‘them’ (BJP), vote for whomever they want, but do not vote for them.

BKU national spokesperson Rakesh Tikait did not explicitly name BJP in his address but used the word ‘them’. Indication is clear that farmers are preparing to set big rock for BJP government in next UP assembly election 2022.

Tikait further said that the farmers will teach a lesson to the BJP government of the state in the next year’s UP assembly elections. On the recently concluded district panchayat elections, he said that they want to rule on the power of the gun.

BKU National Spokesperson said in the case of death of a man in Haryana that it is a sad incident, he has committed suicide. Referring to a video, he said that this entire matter should be investigated.

Rakesh Tikait had arrived at Sivaya Toll Plaza in Meerut to address the BKU’s dharna in protest against the Agriculture Act. He instructed the workers to strengthen the movement by going from village to village and contacting the farmers.

During this, he warned a hospital in Meerut to be closed if administrative action was not taken. Let us tell you that for the last 25 days, a sit-in is going on at the Sivaya toll plaza in protest against the agriculture law.

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