Bollywood actor Aamir Khan on verge of retiring from films?

New Delhi: For a long time, Bollywood actor Aamir Khan’s film Lal Singh Chaddha proved to be the biggest flop of the year. Now Aamir Khan has taken a break from films for some time for self-churning. Bollywood actor Aamir Khan said that he will not act for a while and will focus on his personal life.

Excellent story and screenplay of Champion

“Lal Singh Chaddha” actor Aamir Khan said, “When I do a film, I get lost in it as an actor… Apart from this, nothing else happens in my life. So I have decided to stay away from it for a few days.” He said, “I was supposed to start work on a film ‘Champion’ after ‘Lal Singh Chaddha’… Its story and screenplay are excellent.

It’s a heartwarming film, but I think I need to relax a bit. I want to spend time with my family, with my mother and my kids,” the 57-year-old actor said in a session organized by a childhood friend in Delhi. I am only focusing on work and I think it is not good for the people who are close to me.

It doesn’t hold true for me in many ways either. It’s time for me to enjoy life in a different way.” He added, “I am looking forward to the next year, for the next year and a half I will not be doing any work as an actor for the first time.”

Aamir will continue to work as a producer

Actor Aamir Khan says he will be associated with “Champion” as a producer as he loves the script and will approach other actors for the same. Meanwhile, Aamir will be seen in a guest appearance in Kajol starrer ‘Salaam Venky’.

Shahrukh Khan has also taken a long break

For at least a decade, Shah Rukh Khan is also longing for one of his hits. The series of his flop films that started with the film Dilwale came to an end in 2018 at zero. After successive flops, King Khan took a long break to introspect. Now he is ready to return with the film Pathan. Earlier, he also did a cameo role in the film Brahmastra.

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