7000 Lakhpati Didi in Almora, without interest get Five lakh loan

Lakhpati Didi in Almora: Soon seven thousand women will become Lakhpati Didi in Almora district. Rural Development Department has started work to select women and empower them financially.

Dhami government launched the Lakhpati Didi Yojana (Millionaire Sister Scheme) to empower women financially. For which the district has been given a target of making seven thousand women millionaire. on which work has been started. In order to increase the annual income of the selected women, the department will provide them the facilities of loans, technical guidance, training and marketing of the products.

Apart from this, loans up to five lakh are being given to women self-help groups without interest. Maximum number of women have been identified in Takula, Tadikhet, Dhauladevi, Bhikiyasain, Bhaisiachana, Sealdah, Hawalbagh blocks. Now their annual income is only 25 to 60 thousand rupees.

Annual income of 19244 families is less than 60 thousand

For Lakhpati Didi, income-based survey of families of different blocks of the district was done. There are total 24232 families in 11 blocks. Out of which 5572 families have less than 25 thousand annual income. There are 13672 families with income of 25 to 60 thousand and 3255 families with annual income of 61 thousand to one lakh.

Most ‘Lakhpati Didi in Takula, Lamgada

So far 1733 women have been honored under the Lakhpati Didi scheme. There are 644 Lakhpati Didis in Takula block, 613 in Lamgada, 227 in Dwarahat. The least are five in Salt block, seven in Hawalbagh, and eight in Bhikiyasain.

Chanda Fatryal, Additional Project Officer, Almora said that women have been identified after preparing an action plan. The work has also started. Soon the target will be accomplished.


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