Abhilash Thapliyal: Actor’s outburst pain for Joshimath, lashed out at leaders

One thing is said about our mountain that the roads here are very crooked… but the people are very straight. Abhilash Thapliyal is from Uttarakhand. Whose pain has spilled towards the simple people of the mountain.

Abhilash Thapliyal, the young actor of Uttarakhand (Pauri), who is shining in the world of Bollywood, often shares many things related to Pahari Boli or Pahad on different forums, but this time on the famous Kapil Sharma’s show, he spoke to the people. Touched the hearts This video of him is becoming very viral.

In a special conversation with a newspaper, Abhilash mentioned the disaster in Joshimath. He said, ‘When we were a part of UP, we used to think that if a separate state is formed then we will make a lot of progress, but even after becoming a separate state, we are not able to handle it. The people of our mountains, whose hands always work hard, are crying for their homes with folded hands today. He said that when the pictures of Joshimath surfaced, not only me but my mother was also very emotional. He used to say that what has happened to our mountain.

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Abhilash says that actually we have never understood the mountain. Nor are they understanding the pain of the people here. The leaders sit in the city and decide for the mountain. The cry of exodus is raised again and again as a desire, and the government brushes it off by saying that we are making every possible effort, but disasters like Joshimath are forcing people to migrate. We see the pain only on TV, but in reality only the people of Joshimath can feel that pain. As Abhilash – The mountains are very beautiful, let them be like that.

Abhilash says that our surname is not big, so hard work should be big. It is his hard work and honesty that he is getting love from people. A few days ago, Abhilash came on the famous Kapil Sharma’s show, where he spoke in his Pahari style with the judge of the show, Archana Puran Singh. This video got a lot of attention on social media.

Abhilash said that I had said a very simple thing, which people liked. I like to be like this even in normal life. My mountain is my identity, I can never leave my spoken language. At my house too, we all speak in our Pahari dialect.

The Aspirants web series created a buzz as soon as it was released. And its second part was eagerly awaited by the youth. The character of SK Sir i.e. Abhilash Thapliyal, Sandeep Bhaiya and Abhilash, who were the characters of the series, got special recognition.

Craze was seen among the youth for the web series of UPSC Aspirant. SK Sir i.e. actor Abhilash Thapliyal told that he was continuously getting messages for this on social media, so I want to tell my fans that SK Sir will be back soon.. The shooting has started.

Abhilash puts discipline at the top of his life, and he gives the credit of discipline in his life to his father. Abhilash says that I am able to do better in my work because of the discipline I got from my father. This quality also makes me different from others.

Abhilash says that I do not follow any special diet plan for fitness. Our Pahari food is so nutritious that there is no need to worry about fitness. Told that my mother definitely cooks Fadu. Which I like very much. Apart from this, I really like Thichodi and Mandwa roti.

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