Alia Bhatt Private Photo: Bollywood came in favor, Karan to Anushka raised voice, said- this is shameful

Alia Bhatt, one of the beautiful and talented actresses of Bollywood, is very angry with the publication of some private pictures on a news portal. These pictures were taken when she was sitting in her room. At the same time his photo was secretly clicked. Expressing her displeasure on social media, her child Alia had also requested the police for help.

In fact, Alia, angry at publishing private photos without permission, fiercely slammed the news portal on Instagram. Now many Bollywood stars have expressed their anger on this incident while supporting Alia.

What did Alia Bhatt write
Alia wrote in an angry way on her Instagram story, ‘Are you kidding me… I was sitting normally in the living area of my house like every afternoon, when I felt that someone was watching me. .As I looked up, two men with cameras were standing on the building next door to my house. Is it right to do this, can anyone get permission to do this? Is this not a violation of someone’s privacy? There was a line between you and us which you have crossed today. Along with this, Alia has also tagged the Mumbai Police in her post.

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Similar incident happened with Anushka Sharma too
Anushka Sharma’s name is also included in the celebs who reacted to this incident with Alia. Sharing the news portal’s post on her Insta story, the actress wrote, “This is not the first time these people have done such an act. About two years ago, we also saw them secretly taking our photographs in the same way. After this, we had organized classes for them. These people had posted pictures of my daughter, while we had refused and asked to respect the privacy.

Arjun Kapoor also took classes in support of Alia
Bollywood actor Arjun Kapoor also took Alia’s side and termed this act done by the media as shameful. The actor wrote, ‘Absolutely shameful… This is such a thing today where every limit was crossed. Today a woman is not safe even in her own home. Is it right for them to cross this limit? We trust these people and think that they are taking photos because it is their job, but that does not mean that they should try to violate someone’s privacy. Mumbai Police, not to see this, but to stock a woman.

Karan Johar got angry
Karan Johar, who gave Alia Bhatt the status of his daughter, was seen fuming on this matter in the same way as any father should be. Karan Johar writes, ‘There is no clarification for this. This is a very bad act. Everyone gives some space in their personal life to media and paparazzi in the entertainment world, but it does not mean that you start shooting pictures of someone without their knowledge. It has a limit. One has the right to feel safe in his home. This is not about actors and celebrities, but about basic human rights.

Janhvi Kapoor fiercely narrated the lies
Apart from Karan, Arjun Kapoor, Anushka Sharma, Jhanvi Kapoor has also strongly condemned this incident with Alia. This is a very wrong and bad act. I have also forbidden these people many times, still they shoot without my permission. When I am inside the gym, they look at me in the mirror and click pictures. Some places are private, at least there these things should not be done. I understand it is a part of your job but you have to understand that things happen with mutual consent. We are public figures, you also have your own work, but it is not that you start shooting us anywhere. Without consent, if you interfere in someone’s private space like this, then it is wrong.

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