Israel flaunts ceasefire, air strikes on Gaza

Jerusalem: Israel, which flaunts human rights, has broken the ceasefire. This is not the first time that Israel has reneged on its promises. Israel exposed its nefarious extremist intentions by airstrikes on the Gaza Strip early on Wednesday.

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An Israeli plane has created panic by attacking some sites in the Gaza Strip early on Wednesday. It is the first such attack since the ceasefire that ended the war with Hamas last month.

In its clarification, the Israeli military said it had targeted centres that Hamas used to hold meetings aimed at planning attacks by militants. However, no information has been received about any casualties in these attacks.

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The development threatens to spark renewed violence in the Gaza Strip, which has been quiet for days, just weeks after the ceasefire with Hamas.

At the same time, Palestinians in Gaza responded by releasing balloons. Their action led to fires in at least 10 places in southern Israel.

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This march will prove to be a test for Israel’s new government and for last month’s treaty ending the 11-day war between Israel and Hamas.

The Palestinians are considering this march as a provocative act. Hamas has urged the Palestinians to resist the march.

Hundreds of Jewish nationalists gathered to the tune of music for hundreds of meters before marching in front of the Damascus Gate.

Many of them were holding Israeli flags and were dancing and singing religious songs. However, this time the crowd was much less than last month’s parade.

Before the march, Israeli police evacuated the area in front of the Damascus Gate, shutting down traffic, ordering shops to close and forcibly driving away young Palestinian protesters.

Police said that 17 people have been arrested for their involvement in the violence, some of whom attacked the police and two police officers had to undergo treatment. At the same time, Palestinians said that five people were injured in clashes with the police.

The parade has presented an opening challenge for the new Prime Minister of Israel, Naftali Bennett. Bennett is a radical Israeli nationalist.

Mansoor Abbas, leader of the Ram Party, the first political party of the Arab faction to join the Israeli coalition, said the march was an attempt to set fire to the region for political goals.

The Palestinian Authority’s Prime Minister, Mohamed Shtayyeh, has called the march an attack against the people of Palestine.

According to Israeli media reports, the army has been put on alert along the occupied West Bank and in the Gaza frontier.

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