Netanyahu regime end in Israel, Arab leaders included in new PM Naftali govt

Jerusalem: Naftali Bennett was sworn in as Israel prime minister on Sunday. With this, the tenure of Benjamin Netanyahu, who had been in the post of Prime Minister for 12 years, ended.

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The 49-year-old leader of the right-wing Yamina Party was sworn in on Sunday after securing a majority in parliament.

The new government has 27 ministers, of whom nine are women. Bennett will lead a government with a modest majority in the 120-member house with 61 MPs.

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Parties of different ideologies have formed an alliance for the new government. Among them there is a party of the Arab community along with the right wing, left, centrist.

Let us tell you that Naftali Bennett had to make an alliance with a party of the Arab community on certain conditions to prove his majority.


Earlier, Bennett announced the names of ministers in his government during an address to parliament and was interrupted by supporters of 71-year-old Netanyahu.

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Bennett said he was proud to be working with “people of differing views,” said Bennett, amid an uproar from rival party lawmakers.

Bennett said, “We are taking this responsibility at this critical time. Apart from this government, the only option was to hold more elections. This would have spread more hatred and affected the country.”

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