42 people killed & 11 missing after heavy rains trigger floods & landslides in Haiti

floods & landslides in Haiti

In Haiti, at least 42 people were dead and 11 are missing after heavy rains at the weekend triggered flooding and landslides. The country, which is already engaged in a protracted humanitarian disaster caused by gang warfare, political failure, and economic stagnation, was hit by terrible weather.

According to the United Nations, the severe rains affected 37 thousand people and displaced 13 thousand four hundred. According to Haitian officials, the town of Leogane, located 40 kilometers southwest of the capital Port-auPrince, was also badly hit by flooded rivers and twenty people died.

UN coordinator of humanitarian action in Haiti said, thousands of families were affected in the town and urgently needed food, drinking water, and medicine. Prime Minister Ariel Henry activated the National Emergency Operation Center in response.
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