Uttarakhand old pension issue, showing effect against BJP govt in Himachal

Movement of employees for the restoration of old pension in Uttarakhand may gain more momentum. The reason for this is the Himachal assembly elections, in which the Congress had made this issue the biggest weapon of campaign. Seeing the effect of the issue in Himachal, the employees associated with the old pension movement are very excited and have decided to give more air to this issue in the local body elections to be held in 2023 and Lok Sabha elections in 2024.

Jitmani Panuli, state president of the National Movement for Old Pension Scheme (NMOPS), says, the effect of the movement being run across the country has been seen in the Himachal Pradesh assembly elections. An unprecedented rally was held in Shimla on March 3 under the leadership of State President of Himachal unit, Pradeep Thakur. The leaders and employees associated with the movement had raised a demand from all the parties to start the old pension restoration scheme.

This issue figured prominently in the election. Its effect is clearly visible in the elections. The agitation is going on in Uttarakhand for the demand of old pension. This movement will be given more edge. Employees leaders associated with the organization will put pressure on all political parties and their leaders before the coming elections to include the issue of old pension prominently in their election manifesto.

Soon the organization will make a comprehensive strategy for this. Lakhs of employees demanding old pension have attracted the attention of all political parties. They are now established as a vote bank. The result of his agitation was that the Punjab Government had to restore the old pension. In Uttarakhand too, the old pension employees have been established as a big vote bank.

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