Speaker Ritu Khanduri trolled for outsider staff list, she replied…

Speaker Ritu Khanduri said that, my mind is clear, I am not a woman to panic or fear. My aim is more social service than politics.

Dehradun: There was lot of ruckus about appointments made in the assembly. After which committee had to be formed to investigate. This controversy was not even over that now dispute has started over appointment of people from outside the state in personal staff of Speaker Ritu Khanduri.

Her staff employees list is going viral on social media. People are questioning the appointment of outsiders instead of locals. In this list people from different states have been depicted in different positions in their staff.

As soon as this list came on social media, large number of people trolled. Sharing list, people raised questions on intention of the speaker. People said that there is not a single person in Uttarakhand who could have been posted on these posts?

While reacting to the whole matter, Speaker Ritu Khanduri said that, This is my personal staff. There are people from mountains in my staff but their names are not on the list. No one, I’m not even defending. The people I have hired are thirty to forty years of experience. Experienced people are needed for government work. If you have done such big job now, then some people will hit me too.

Speaker Ritu Khanduri said that, my mind is clear, I am not a woman to panic or fear. My aim is more social service than politics.

Let us inform that in past, Speaker Khanduri took a bold decision to oust the employees appointed from backdoor in assembly after year 2016. Her decision was being highly appreciated. But now list of employees of her own personal staff is going viral. Through which an attempt is being made to surround them.

Speaker said that strict rules will be made for appointment of employees in Vidhan Sabha in transparent manner, so that there is no dispute over the recruitment in future. Restructuring of posts is being done in Visa and according to the need posts will be created and staff will be deployed.

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