Goat Valley scheme launched, CM Dhami inaugurated Mobile Veterinary Units

Uttarakhand Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami on Wednesday inaugurated 60 mobile veterinary hospital units in the state by participating in a program organized by the Animal Husbandry Department at Survey Stadium, Hathibarkala, Dehradun. On this occasion, he launched the Goat Valley Scheme and also dedicated the Heifer Rearing Farm at Pashulok Rishikesh under NABARD funded Rural Infrastructure Development Fund (IRDF) scheme.

Inauguration of new training center in the premises of Registrar, Uttarakhand Veterinary Council, Dehradun and inauguration of aggregation-cum-breeding farm under National Cooperative Development Corporation Scheme and foundation stone of new frozen semen laboratory sponsored by Government of India under National Gokul Mission was also done by the Chief Minister. .

On this occasion, the Chief Minister announced that NPA would be given to the veterinary doctors. Artificial insemination sex-shortened semen will be promoted in animals in the state.

The Chief Minister said that with the launch of mobile veterinary units, emergency veterinary services and other departmental services related to animal husbandry would be easily provided at remote hilly places of the state. Toll free number 1962 has been issued for this service.

He said that today the foundation stone of the new laboratory is also being laid in Shyampur under the National Gokul Mission scheme of the Government of India. Due to which our state will get benefit in livestock development. Under this scheme, National Digital Livestock Mission is also being started in Champawat and Udham Singh Nagar districts.

On this occasion, he said that the state is getting full cooperation of the central government in every field. For this, he thanked Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Central Government. He said that animal husbandry and agriculture are the backbone of the economy of lakhs of families of Uttarakhand. Animal husbandry business, which provides employment to more than 80 percent rural families, is not only the main means of their livelihood, but is also the main basis of balanced nutrition of the state.

Animal husbandry business contributes 3 percent to the state gross domestic product. As a result of the joint efforts of all the small animal farmers and milk traders, today the country is at the top in the production of dairy products. He said that investment in animal husbandry business can also be the main means of development of rural areas.

The Chief Minister said that for the first time the largest database of dairy animals is being prepared under the able leadership of the Prime Minister. Under which a specific tag is being attached to each dairy animal. India’s digital revolution has also made its presence felt in the dairy sector. The digital payment system developed for the dairy business sector is also an example of changing India.

He said that the Prime Minister has described women as the real heroines of the dairy sector, because even today the care of animals is mostly done by mother power. He said that mother power in the villages used to face the biggest problem of cooking food in the chulha, but with the Govardhan Yojana started by the central government, efforts are being made to remove this problem by setting up cow dung gas plants in the villages. Livestock is also the mainstay of this scheme.

The Chief Minister said that by effectively implementing the guidelines of the Central Government, the State Government has succeeded in controlling Lumpy Skin Disease completely in the State. To control this disease, more than 6 lakh animals have been vaccinated in the state.

He said that livestock is also the mainstay of organic agriculture. For this, the government is also making special efforts to take animal dung to organic farms.

He expressed hope that the innovative efforts being made by the Central and State Governments in the animal husbandry and dairy sector will not only provide new self-employment opportunities to the youth in our state, but will also strengthen the rural economy and efforts are being made in the direction of reverse migration. Efforts will get new momentum.

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