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Patients without beds, where is ‘Train Isolation Ward’ made in 900 crores?

The rising number of corona patients in many states of the country including UP is exposing the government. The government claimed that it had given train coaches at a cost of about 900 crores. Train Isolation ward Has been transformed into.

This was done to provide beds easily to the increasing number of corona patients, but the fact is that beds are no longer available in hospitals.

Now the question is whether it cost 900 crores Train isolation ward (Train Isolation Ward) Where is it? Why are they not being used? Where are those trains?

On the other hand if the bed is not empty UP government quarantined home Has given permission. Then where are the trains that the government has been claiming to build?

In the midst of all this, people are also questioning whether the government has evaded the train isolation ward like PM Care Fund? If not, why are corona patients suffering without beds?

Let us tell you that during the Corona epidemic crisis, Prime Minister Narendra Modi created the PM Care Fund for ‘Corona Grant’. In which a grant of crores of crores was given from abroad. This grant was to be spent fighting the war against Corona.

Suspecting the PM Care Fund, the opposition demanded an audit. Along with this, attempts were also made to get information through RTI and court, but the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) citing non-arrival of RTI. Dismiss application done. Now on August 28 before the court in this case Next hearing Has to be.

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