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A city where people self lockedown when Corona case increased


Surat: Even though the state government is not announcing the lockdown on the rising corona cases in Gujarat, undisclosed lockdown has started in many areas of Surat city.

For example, people have closed their businesses, businesses and establishments on their own and have started trying to avoid getting infected by Corona.

The undisclosed lockdown is in the Rander area of ​​Surat. Here people started the lockdown without any government order, so that the corona could be avoided.

Thousands of people living in this area have closed their shops, lorries and all kinds of business establishments from the vegetable market.

Only about 40 thousand people live in the Rander Town area. Who pledged to initiate a lockdown by himself to avoid Corona.

People believe that due to this, the cases of corona coming from here will also decrease.

People are locking themselves down, especially in those areas of Surat city which have the highest number of cases of corona.

The Diamond Bazaar located in the Mini Bazaar area of ​​the city has also been closed by the diamond businessmen themselves.

For example, in many areas of the city, people are moving towards lockdown without government orders.

According to Dr. Jagdish Patel, the Mayor of Surat Metropolitan Municipality, Corona is so much afraid of people that they are doing lockdown themselves. It will also be seen soon.

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