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Children’s Day celebrated with pomp at Queens Public School, Haldwani

Haldwani: Children’s Day celebrated with pomp in Queens School, Haldwani. ‘Queens Public School Haldwani’ today, on the occasion of Children’s Day, all the teachers of the school together started the morning school prayer, Maths teacher Sanjay Kala ji surprised all the students and all the people present in the meeting by performing a wonderful Shiva tandav. .

Children’s Day celebrated with pomp at Queen’s School, Haldwani

Teacher Bhavna Mehra entertained the children through the expression of songs. Teacher Manjari made everyone dance by singing the song along with the guitar. All the teachers and teachers of the school together won the hearts of the children by dancing very beautifully on the remixes of songs for the entertainment of the children.

Principal Dr. B. B. Pandey, why is Children’s Day celebrated and how children will determine the future of the time to come. He shared his views on this subject and singing the song ‘Ek Din Bick Jayega Maati Ke Mole’ for the students. He was mesmerized by his voice.

School Manager RP Singh gave his blessings in the form of chocolates to all the students and teachers at the end. On this occasion, School Manager RP Singh, School Deputy Director Mrs. Lily Singh, School Administrative Officer Vikram Singh Karki, Deputy Administrative Officer Mrs. Sneha Karki, Principal Dr. BB Pandey, all respected teachers were present.

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