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‘Delta Plus’ variant is more dangerous being found in India: Beware

New Delhi: In the second deadly wave of Corona pandemic, many variants of Corona caused havoc, yet people are not ready to take a lesson from it. Now another dangerous variant of Corona ‘Delta Plus’ is being found rapidly in India, which is very difficult to escape.

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The central government said that more than 40 cases of ‘Delta Plus’ variant of corona virus have been detected in India.

The highest number of cases have been reported in Kerala, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh. Union Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan said that India is one of the ten countries where ‘DP’ variant has been found so far.

Why is the ‘Delta Plus’ variant so dangerous?

He said that the ‘Delta variant’ has been detected in 80 countries. Meanwhile, a statement issued by the Union Health Ministry said that the Indian SARS Cov-2 Genomics Consortium (INSACOG) had informed that the delta plus variant is a “currently of concern variant (VOC)”.

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It has characteristics such as rapid proliferation, strong binding to the receptor of lung cells, and a possible reduction in the ‘monoclonal antibody’ response.

10 countries where ‘DP’ variant found

Apart from India, the ‘Delta Plus’ variant of the corona virus has been found in the US, UK, Portugal, Switzerland, Japan, Poland, Nepal, China and Russia.

Where ‘DP’ variant found in India?

Bhushan said that cases of ‘Delta Plus’ variant have been found in Ratnagiri and Jalgaon in Maharashtra and parts of Kerala and Madhya Pradesh. Apart from India, the DP form has been detected in nine more countries, he added.

Bhushan said the health ministry has issued an advisory regarding the public health response that Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Kerala should initiate initiatives on the issue.

“Right now it looks very small in terms of numbers and we don’t want it to increase,” he said.

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