We are capable of shooting down North Korea’s missile – South Korea

South Korea said we are capable of shooting down North Korea's missile

Seoul: South Korea said on Tuesday that it is capable of detecting and shooting down various missiles recently launched by North Korea. It also called the neighboring country’s nuclear program a serious security threat.

North Korea recently fired several missiles at its adversaries as a symbol of a nuclear attack. North Korea said on Monday that its two-week missile launch drills included nuclear-capable ballistic missiles, warplanes and other weapons in possible attacks on South Korean and US targets.

North Korea warned America

North Korea has said its recent series of missile launches were “a clear warning” to South Korea and the US. South Korean President Eun Suk Yol reiterated his resolve to strengthen the country’s security with the US. He said the nuclear threat from North Korea was “getting serious day by day”.

“North Korea is constantly developing nuclear weapons capabilities and now it is threatening not only South Korea but the whole world, but I think North Korea has nothing to do with nuclear weapons,” he told reporters in his office in Seoul.

Moon Hong Sik, the acting spokesman for the South Korean Defense Ministry, described North Korea’s nuclear threats as “extremely serious”. He also told reporters that South Korea’s missile defense system is capable of detecting and shooting down North Korean missiles.

Moon said South Korea is focusing on introducing intelligence satellites, various surveillance drones and additional sea-based reconnaissance weapons to better monitor North Korea.

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