America will soon be ahead of China in death toll by Coronavirus

Washington: Situation is becoming frightening due to Coronavirus In America. So far more than 3,000 people have died in US due to the virus. About 1,65,000 people infected. President Donald Trump has said that next 30 days will be very important for America to fight against Coronavirus.

Coronavirus made worried to President Trump

America has already overtaken China in cases of Coronavirus infection. Now it will soon be ahead of China even in the case of death toll. More than 3,300 people have died from Corona in China.

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President Donald Trump told reporters at the White House, “An challenging time is about to come. The next 30 days very important.” Trump had announced the extension of social distancing guidelines a day earlier by 30 April.

He also feared about death toll due to Corona virus in coming two weeks. Trump said production of testing kits and face masks, including ventilators, has been increased. They will not be lacking in the coming days.

He said that possibility of everyone wearing masks is also being consider. The National Emergency has been announced in America with a population of 33 crores. Apart from this, many restrictions have been imposed in more than two dozen states, including lockdown. Due to this, about 25 crore population is imprisoned in homes.

So far more than one million people have been Coronavirus screening in US. America currently has the highest test rate in the world. The daily test rate in this country has increased to 100 thousands.

A thousand-bed US Navy hospital ship reached New York city on Monday, people cheered. A large number of people had arrived on banks of the Hudson River to welcome this vessel.

People hoped that arrival of this naval vessel to New York, which was suffering from the epidemic, would help. The ship has about 1200 crew members. Coronavirus cases in this city has the highest number of detected in the US.

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