Home World British PM Boris Johnson big revealed, said supposed to dead by coronavirus

British PM Boris Johnson big revealed, said supposed to dead by coronavirus


London: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has now fully recovered from the coronavirus infection. Last month, he was hit by the global corona virus. For the first time, he spoke openly to the British newspaper The Sun about his illness.

PM Boris said that his condition in the hospital during treatment was very critical. The doctors had also prepared for the announcement of his death.

55 years old Boris Johnson On April 5, he was admitted to St. Thomas Hospital after suffering from a severe illness.

Johnson said, “Many liters of oxygen were being given in the hospital, but my health in the ICU was not getting better. So the doctors were forced to make an announcement about his death.”

He said that it was a very difficult time. His condition was not well, but he knew that contingency plans were being made.

Boris Johnson further said that the doctors had all kinds of arrangements on what to do if something went wrong.

Point to be noted is that Johnson on 5 April (Boris Johnson) was admitted to the hospital due to Coronavirus. The condition had deteriorated so much that he had to be admitted to the ICU immediately.

She was placed on oxygen support for 3 days. He was later discharged from the hospital on 12 April. He said that he was very lucky that he defeated Corona and returned home.

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