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Will they boycott Medical Supplies sent by UAE, who boycott buying fruits and veg from Muslims?


According to India-based Gulf Embassy, ​​the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on Saturday delivered 7 metric tons Medical supplies. This supply will prove to be very helpful in the war with Corona being fought in India. But will those who are boycotting Indian Muslims for fear of Corona be able to boycott this medical supply from a Muslim country?

After the incident of Delhi Nizamuddin Markaz, the manner in which the Indian media blamed the alleged blatant crime of spreading corona, the Muslims of the whole country are still suffering.

While the TRPs of such news channels were skyrocketing on the one hand, on the other hand, their alleged reports that religious hatred had started rising again in the country. First gathering then soon the whole community came under target, the results of which also started showing soon.

On social media, all such videos, ranging from beating of Muslim vegetable-fruits, forcibly shutting down shops, not selling ration to Muslims, not being treated in hospitals, and social boycott, became increasingly viral. Failure to deal with these incidents from governments to administration continues to grow.

However, at the time of crisis, people from other religions also came out on a large scale, who made every effort to reduce the spread hatred of the dock media and to keep the Ganga-Jamni Tehzeeb aware to the people through social media. did.

During this period, some digital news websites also thwarted the dock media’s constant attempt to hold Muslims responsible for the Corona epidemic. “Alt News” has dozens of main stream media (electronic and print) Fake news Disclosed. Yet some people still trust blind news with fake news even today.

Now the biggest question for such people at this time is, will they be able to boycott the medical supplies from the Muslim country (UAE) to India to fight the corona epidemic? Or they have to understand how most of the dock media is playing with them in today’s era.

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