After Twitter-Facebook, YouTube banned Donald Trump’s channel

Washington: After Twitter and Facebook, now Google given shock to former US President Donald Trump. Google has removed his new video uploaded on Donald Trump YouTube channel. Along with this, Google has also banned Trump’s YouTube channel for a week.

Google video social media network site, YouTube said in its statement, “YouTube is sensitive to content provoking violence or inciting people, and President Donald Trump’s new video violates YouTube’s policies, so President Trump’s new video has been removed from YouTube”.

Along with this, YouTube has also taken a strike on President Trump’s channel, which means that now Donald Trump can neither upload a new video to his YouTube channel for the next one week, and neither Only live streaming can do it.

YouTube said, “The video that was posted on President Donald Trump’s channel has been carefully reviewed, after which we have found the contents of the violence in the content of the video, which violates our policies, hence Trump His channel has been banned for a week, removing new videos from the channel.

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