Bharatiya Kisan Union Farmers protest by burning copies of new agricultural bill

Lucknow: Bharatiya Kisan Union farmers expressed its protest by burning copies of the new agricultural law at Kisan Bhavan made by Modi government.

The farmers in their protest, demanded the government to repeal three agricultural bills and enact a minimum support price (MSP) guarantee law.

Farmers say that the government has not yet taken any positive initiative regarding the demand of farmers.

Bhartiya Kisan Union leader Alok Verma said that, farmers support decision of Supreme Court in public interest (PIL) on new agriculture law, but committee which has been formed will not accept by the farmers.

He further said that ‘members involved in committee are not farmer friendly. They were already demanding an open market system by abolishing minimum support price (MSP). Some of them are already in support of new agricultural bill. In such a situation, the farmer does not expect that committee will report in interest of the farmer.

Alok Verma said that this strike will continue under leadership of farmer leader Chaudhary Rakesh Tikait and there will be talk of withdrawal of law from the government. Everyone has the right to speak his voice in our democracy. In the same sequence, farmer will remain agitated till the bills are refunded and the minimum support price is not legislated.

What can the farmers get by intervention of Supreme Court and formation of new committee?

It is worth mentioning that farmers from all over the country including Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh have been on the agitation for one and a half months in protest against the new agriculture bill brought by the Modi government. The agriculture bill has been negotiated between the government and farmer leaders more than 8 times, but no result has been come out so far.

While the farmers have been adamant on demand to withdraw for new agricultural law from the beginning, the government is ready to amend the law but is not entitled to repeal it completely.

After many previous conversations, Modi government has been telling farmers that they can go to the Supreme Court if they do not trust the government. While no consent of the farmers has been reached on taking the matter to the Supreme Court.

Finally, contrary to the consent of the farmers, a petition (PIL) was filed in the public interest in Supreme Court about the new Agriculture Law, on which court has stopped implementation of new law with immediate effect.

Along with this, Supreme Judiciary of the country has also sought a detailed information on the new agricultural legislation by constituting a committee under the supervision of Ashok Gulati, Bhupinder Singh Mann, Pramod Joshi and Anil Ghanwat. Two peasant leaders and two experts have been included in this committee.

If we see previously about the intervention of Supreme Court, then the government seems to be beneficial than the farmers. After going to court, Modi government on its part has been free from any kind of accountability or compensation to the farmers. The government now gets a chance to say that, ‘wait for decision of the court and such decision will be accepted by all.’

Along with this, the farmers also believe that committee will not put the real issues of farmers before the court as it was committee constituted under the chairmanship of Ashok Gulati who already recommended introduction of new agricultural bill.

Although the court has all authority to implement or repeal new agricultural laws, but Supreme Court has always avoided repealing the new laws made in the Modi government’s Parliament.

Talking about the last few laws passed in Parliament like CAA-NRC, Article-370 or Reservation Bill, most of the public interest (PIL) litigation has suffered and the Modi government has benefited. Perhaps this is the reason why the farmers did not want to bring new agricultural law passed in the Parliament to the Supreme Court.

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