Uttarakhand: Fierce inside Congress, demand raised for removal of state in-charge

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New Delhi: Uttarakhand Congress is again stuck in factionalism. No one is able to control this. Because of this neither the image of the party is improving in the eyes of the public nor the organization is becoming strong.

Yogendra Khanduri, former member of AICC and former chairman of Uttarakhand Child Protection Commission, has written a letter to National President Mallikarjun Kharge with these words.

Expressing concern over the situation in the Uttarakhand Congress, in the letter, he has demanded that the state in-charge Devendra Yadav should be replaced by a senior leader. In the letter, Khanduri has said that the state in-charge is responsible for the activities of the party in any state and their results.

The party moves in the right direction in the state, that is why the state in-charge is appointed. This is the reason why before the present in-charge, the responsibility of in-charge has been given only to experienced, senior and elder persons in the state as in-charge.

To assess the condition of the Congress here, such a person should be sent, whose information is neither to the in-charge nor to the senior leaders of the state, so that he can give his fair and accurate report to the party high command.

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