Dehradun: Burned daughter-in-law with pan, kept her half naked…!

dehradun vikasnagar preeti : Preeti was harassed by her in-laws in Vikasnagar

Dehradun: Mother-in-law burnt the victim Preeti’s body from about 20 places. When family members of woman came to rescue her, she was found imprisoned in kitchen without clothes. Victim Preeti’s husband Anoop is mentally weak.

Due to poor financial condition, Preeti became dependent on her in-laws and she started tyrannizing her. Preeti was being tortured for the past many years. Victim’s mother Saraswati Devi informed to the police about incident by giving written complaint.

After which, police arrested the accused mother-in-law and sister-in-law. Preeti’s mother Saraswati Devi told that 12 years ago Preeti was married to Anoop Jagudi, resident of Jeevangarh, Vikasnagar. We were calling Preeti for a year, but her mobile was getting switched off.

On 16 September, on the apprehension of something untoward, Saraswati Devi along with her son Jitendra Raturi reached to daughter’s in-laws’ house, Jeevangarh, Vikasnagar. Here mother-in-law flatly refused to meet Preeti.

When relatives entered to the house forcibly, Preeti was found lying in semi-naked condition in kitchen. About 20 burn marks were found on her body. She was not in condition to say anything. In-laws used to burn Preeti with hot pan, sometimes pouring hot water on her.

She did not give food for many days, she was somehow living by eating leftover food in leftover plates. No one could hear her scream, so she used to stuff a cloth in her mouth.

Father-in-law Devendra Dutt is in the army. When he returned home on leave, he also used to beat up her daughter-in-law. However, police have registered case against mother-in-law Subhadra Devi, sister-in-law Jaya Jagudi and father-in-law Devendra Dutt. Two accused have been arrested. After health check-up, victim has been sent to Dehradun for treatment.

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