Danda Mountain Avalanche: Rescue started again in Uttarkashi, many climbers still missing

Many mountaineers who got trapped in the avalanche that came to the Danda mountain of Draupadi in Uttarkashi, could not be traced even on the third day of the incident. Death of 9 climbers has been confirmed in this accident. However, sources are telling that due to delay in rescue, this death toll may increase. The help of the Air Force is also being taken in relief operations.


It has been the third day of the accident on Thursday and till now the relief and rescue teams have not been able to reach the spot. However, some people have definitely been evicted. These are the people who somehow reached the base camp. From here he was brought to Matli by helicopter.

Total number of people who have escaped is 14. While the death of 9 people has been confirmed. At the same time, 21 people are said to be missing. A total of 46 people had set out on this track.

Continuous bad weather in this area is testing the teams engaged in relief work. On Wednesday, this team had to stop the relief work due to bad weather and snowfall.

Relief teams have reached from base camp to advance camp but they have to face difficulties to reach the spot. Teams have been specially called from Kashmir for the rescue. This is the team that specializes in working at high altitude.

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