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Will fall of Twin Towers stop corruption in govt departments?

Two multi-storeyed buildings in Noida collapsed in a few seconds on Sunday. These twin towers were blown up with explosives at exactly 2.30 in the afternoon. Now all these multi-storey buildings are left with rubble. These towers named Apex and Cayenne were built by Supertech Builder.

Later it was found that the rules were violated in making them. These are the largest multi-storey buildings to be demolished in the country. The Apex (32 storeys) and Cayenne (30 storeys) twin towers were taller than the tallest Qutub Minar in the Indian capital. The decision to demolish the tower was taken after a protracted legal battle. was. This struggle started from the Allahabad High Court and its final decision was taken in the Supreme Court.

The story of the construction of these towers begins in 2004. Noida (New Okhla Industrial Development Authority) allotted this space to a company called Supertech to build a residential area as part of the plan to make it an industrial city. In 2005, Supertech prepared a plan of 14 flats of 10 floors each as per the Noida Building Code and Guidelines 1986.

Permission granted for construction of 14 apartment buildings with 10 storeys

The Noida Authority allowed the construction of 14 apartment buildings with 10 storeys each, with a restriction that the height should not exceed 37 metres. As per the plan, a garden was to be developed on this site with 14 apartments and a commercial complex. In 2006 the company was given additional land for construction on the old terms. Supertech  New plan made. In this, two more 10-storey buildings without gardens were to be built. Finally, in 2009, final plans were drawn up to build two apartment towers with 40 floors each.

In 2011, a petition was filed in the Allahabad High Court on behalf of the Residents Welfare Association. The petition alleged that the Uttar Pradesh Apartment Owners Act, 2010 was violated during the construction of these towers. The two towers located on the site had violated the law. The petition also alleged that both these towers were illegally erected on the land allotted for the garden.

The Noida administration approved the plan (two apartment towers with 40 floors) filed in 2009, before the matter came up for hearing in the Allahabad High Court in 2012. The Allahabad High Court’s decision in the matter came in April 2014. He also issued orders to demolish these towers. It also ordered that the tower builder Supertech should bear the cost of demolition of the tower. It also ordered that those who have already bought should return the money with 14 percent interest.

Both the towers collapsed on Sunday on the orders of the Supreme Court.

Both the towers collapsed on Sunday on the orders of the Supreme Court. But no action was taken against the administrative staff and the management of Supertech, who were involved in the irregularities of building these towers. On the day of the fall of the tower, only the list of those involved in this irregularity and scams could be released. The Supreme Court should also monitor the action against these officers. It should be seen that the action is quick and strict. May it be such that in the future you cannot dare to do so. The amount of loss should be recovered from the officers and employees involved in the scam.

One thing and usually colonizers make construction against the rules in order to earn more profit, but this is the first case in which this action has taken place. But a long battle has to be fought to stop corruption. Yes, the big advantage of this order would be that till now the officials of the Development Authority would meet the colonization or the building owner and settle the matter with the mitigation fee, if the wrong building was constructed, now they will not be able to do so. They will also have to demolish the wrong built buildings. Ashok Madhup

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