Story of Millionaires Street Dogs, see how vagabond-turned-millionaire

People call this land the name of "Kutaria" in Kushkal village Gujarat

Ahmedabad: There is a village in Gujarat state of India where street dogs are very much loved by the villagers. There are millionaires Street Dogs here.

Palanpur taluka area of ​​Banaskantha district falls in Gujarat. There is a village called Kushkal. The tradition here is such that the dogs here are millionaires. He has property worth crores in his name. He is the owner of the farm. You may think this news is fake but it is a fact.

Kushkal village has a population of 7000. It is an economically very prosperous village. Most of the villagers here do animal husbandry and agriculture. Apart from the people of this village, the dogs here are also prosperous. The dogs here have 20 bighas of land in their name. The value of this land is more than Rs 5 crore.

land in the name of street dogs

The villagers told that the Nawabs ruled the village years ago. The Nawabs had given 20 bighas of land to the villagers for cultivation. It is said that the villagers can earn their living by working hard or doing any work, but there was no arrangement for the dogs living in the village. The village elders decided that 20 bighas of land should be given in the name of stray dogs.

The land is known as Kutaria

The elders put their opinion and decision in front of the Nawab. The Nawab agreed and he gave 20 bighas of land in the name of the dogs of the village. The land which is in the name of dogs is on the side of the road and its value is in crores. People know this land of “twenty bighas” by the name of Kutaria. There is millionaires Street Dogs are owner of this land.

Special utensils for dogs

Every year this land is auctioned and given to farmers for cultivation. By selling the grain produced in it, all the money is spent on feeding the dogs.

The villagers have made a special elevated place where food is given to the stray dogs. Special utensils for cooking and serving food for the animals have been purchased in the village. Each villager ensures that all stray dogs get enough healthy food.

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