What would happen if Pilot, like Scindia, played Vibhishan role?

Jaipur: The controversy between Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot and Deputy Chief Minister Sachin Pilot in the Rajasthan Congress Government seem to have just ended.

Sachin has been removed as Deputy Chief Minister and President of Congress. Even now, if Sachin remains in the Congress and continues to be an MLA, it is like his death.

If they leave Congress now, what will they do? If Sachin tries to topple the Gehlot-government by staying outside the Congress, then he will have to go to the shelter of the BJP of Rajasthan.

If the central government of BJP puts all its strength and help Sachin Pilot, then Gehlot-government can fall.

Just like the BJP dropped the Congress government in Madhya Pradesh with Jyotiraditya Scindia, it can do the same in Rajasthan.

But if it happens in Rajasthan, then Sachin Pilot and BJP will have to suffer a lot of disgrace.

Some BJP leaders have invited Sachin Pilot to join his party.

At the same time, some are saying that there should be a power-test in the assembly, that is, the BJP wants to come to power.

It is also being learned from this episode that the days of ideology and principles in Indian politics are over which the Congress and BJP leaders strangulate each other in condemning each other.

Since they are ready to embrace each other for the sake of the chair, there is no mistrust of Ashok Gehlot’s allegation that crores of rupees were being bribed to break the Congress MLAs.

It can still be given and the government can also be dropped.

There is no doubt that Sachin Pilot has great credit for the victory of the Congress in Rajasthan, but behind this credit was the unpopularity of the then BJP government.

Congress-president can answer why Sachin was not made the chief minister, but if he accepted to be the deputy chief minister, he should have been patient.

If not today, then tomorrow Sachin had to become the chief minister, but what will he do now? Even if he dropped the Gehlot government, would the BJP make him the Chief Minister?

The central government’s image of the BJP is also being deteriorated by the raids on Ashol Gehlot’s relatives and close proximity at this time.

As far as the central leadership of the Congress is concerned, the living proof of his incompetence is Scindia and Pilot.

Even if Gehlot-government completes its term, it has become clear that the leadership of the Congress at the central level has become very weak.

Dr. Vedapratap Vedic –
Political expert
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