Adani being targeted by unknown entities, don’t agree with stalling of House: NCP Chief Sharad Pawar

Adani being targeted by unknown entities, don’t agree with stalling of House: NCP Chief Sharad Pawar

Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) Chief Sharad Pawar has said that the Adani Group is being targeted by unknown entities and he did not share the views of Congress for demanding a JPC investigation on Hindenburg Research’s report on the Adani Group.

He also questioned the logic behind demanding a parliamentary probe, given BJP’s majority.

In an interview to a private news channel, Mr Pawar said that he did not agree with stalling of Parliament by the Congress-led Opposition on the matter.

Mr Pawar said Statements on Adani Group and PM Modi were given by other individuals earlier too and there was a ruckus in Parliament for a few days, but this time out of proportion importance was given to the issue.

The NCP Chief said, an individual industrial group of the country was targeted and if they have done anything wrong, there should be an inquiry. Mr Pawar added that he did not agree of targeting the big business houses.

He also disapproved of the targeting of Ambani-Adani by Rahul Gandhi, saying the corporates had contributed to the petrochemical and energy sectors. Mr. Sharad Pawar questioned the credentials and motives of the international short seller (Hindenburg).

The Hindenburg report published on the 24th of January alleged the Adani Group of brazen stock manipulation and accounting fraud.

It claimed that the group companies had substantial debt including pledging shares of their inflated stock for loans, putting the entire group on precarious financial footing. The Adani Group had denied the allegations calling the report malicious and baseless.

Reacting to Pawar’s interview Congress spokesperson Jairam Ramesh said, the NCP may have its view but 19 like-minded parties are convinced that the PM-linked Adani Group issue is real and very serious.

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