right now…! Farmers loss patience enough, gave big warning to Modi govt

new Delhi: After the eighth round of negotiations failed, farmers have become angry. The farmers have chanted that they will not go back without ending the laws and the movement will be intensified.

Farmers are still on the borders of Delhi in the midst of bitter cold. Meanwhile, on the 44th day of the movement, Chaudhary Surendra of Desh Khap at UP Gate warned the government.

He said that if the government does not accept the demands by withdrawing all the three laws, then on January 26, farmers will parade in Delhi with one lakh tractors. In the parade of 26, the entire country will see the soldiers and farmers together.

If sources are to be believed, the Central Government is not taking this warning lightly. The government has already started making all the necessary preparations to settle the Republic Day in a peaceful manner.

Chaudhary Surendra said that on the Khap he leads, the entry of exploitation is prohibited. He said that when the government is on its own stubbornness, the farmer is also sitting in the agitation on the streets.

At the same time, the country khap’s chow Jogendra Singh warned the government. Said that preparations for the parade have been started from tractors.

Khamp’s Thambedar Ramkumar, who reached the movement, said that the longer the government is going to accept the farmers’ demands, the greater the loss. The farmer sitting on the agitation will not get up from the road even for two-three years.

Warned the government that during the parade in Delhi on 26 January, a large number of farmers along with one lakh tractor-trolleys will join the jawans. The whole country will see a parade of soldiers and farmers this time.

Gaurav Tikait, national president of Bhakiyu Yuva, said that trailers like tractor march have never been seen by anyone in the whole world. The farmers have come to know how Delhi will now come under occupation, it is the peripheral nerve of the Delhi and the farmer has learned in the trailer that whenever the pulse of the government is to be controlled, then take the peripheral.

He told the government and government officials not to take the peasant movement lightly.

Rakesh Tikait, national spokesperson of Bhakiyu said that when Chau. Mahendra Singh Tikait can go to jail 350 times, then he can also negotiate with the government 350 times.

He said that even if the government gives one kg of gold to the farmers, the farmer is not going to accept it. The farmer of the country will accept all the three laws only if they are withdrawn. He said that this movement is an ideological revolution. In it, as the days are passing, the number of farmers is increasing.

At UP Gate, social activist Medha Patkar said that the peasant movement is no longer just UP, Punjab and Uttarakhand. The voice of farmers against agricultural laws is coming from all over the country.

Officials of the Narmada River Sangharsh Samiti also reached UP Gate on Friday. There the youth of the committee opposed the three laws of the government by playing dhol and dhapli. During this time the youth also showed a glimpse of the culture of Madhya Pradesh.

Farmer leader Jagtar Singh Bajwa said that 11 farmers in the Kisan agitation are sitting on hunger strike every day, giving a strong message to the government against all three laws.

These included Nagina Rana, Okar Tyagi, Bhimaditya, Harprasad, Devendra Singh, Karjit Singh, Bhog Singh, Ram Singh and Baldev Singh and lawyer Ahmed. In the afternoon, a team of doctors from the district hospital examined his blood pressure.

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