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BJP MLA who spoke of ‘Hindu Rashtra’ was driven away from the village, video went viral

In Khatauli (Muzaffarnagar) of UP, BJP MLA was chased away by the villagers because of spoke of ‘Hindu Rashtra’. A video to this effect is currently viral on social media.

BJP MLA from Khatauli Vikram Singh Saini had reached a village on Wednesday for a meeting. But there he had to face angry people.

It is seen in the video that the villagers chase Saini till his car and they are seen shouting till Saini sits in the car. Villagers can be heard raising slogans against the BJP MLA. The outrage by many has been linked to controversial agricultural laws that were repealed by the government after years of farmer protests.


It is seen in the video that BJP MLA Saini is apologizing with folded hands. But the villagers were forcing them to leave the area.

Vikram Saini is known for making provocative statements. In 2019, he threatened to “bomb” those who felt unsafe in India. A year before that he had said, “Our country is called Hindustan, which means a nation for Hindus”. He has also threatened to “break the limbs of those who kill cows”.

Voting in Uttar Pradesh is to be held in seven phases from February 10. The results will be declared on March 10. Earlier also similar incidents have happened in many villages with many BJP MLAs. In some villages, the villagers have imposed restrictions on the arrival of BJP MLAs, MPs and ministers. BJP calls it a mischievous act of some elements.

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