Ajit Doval Birthday: Shocking operation of most high-tech under cover agent of India

New Delhi: Today is the birthday of National Security Advisor Ajit Doval. Today people are wishing Happy Birthday to Doval, popularly known as James Bond of India.

Ajit Doval is considered very special of PM Narendra Modi. There are many achievements in the name of Ajit Doval, from Surgical Strike to Naga Peace Accord, Operation Black Thunder to the safe evacuation of Indian nurses from the clutches of ISIS.

On his birthday, Ajit Doval is now 77-year-old. He is the only retired officer of Indian Police Service who has been awarded the Kirti Chakra.

Ajit Doval joined RAW in 1972

Doval was born on 20 January 1945 in Pauri Garhwal, Uttarakhand. His father GN Doval was also an officer in the Indian Army.

Doval had his early education at King George’s Royal Indian Military School (now Ajmer Military School) in Ajmer, Rajasthan. In 1967, he did his Masters in Economics from Agra University.

Doval, a 1968 batch IPS officer of Kerala cadre, joined the intelligence agency RAW in 1972. He also worked as an under cover agent in Pakistan for 7 years.

Ajit Doval key role in Golden Temple Operation Black Thunder

In the year 1988, a young man was seen driving a rickshaw in the streets of Amrtar. Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale used to have a good influence in this area then. Khalistanis doubted him.

However, that rickshaw driver, after 10 days of effort with his understanding, convinced him that he was sent by the ISI to help the Khalistanis.

It is said that the rickshaw puller was none other than Ajit Doval. Doval played a very important role in Operation Black Thunder by giving information about the position and number of separatists.

Talks with Taliban during Kandahar plane hijacking

The Indian Airlines plane was hijacked in 1999. It was later moved to Kandahar. At that time Ajit Doval played a very important role in talks with the Taliban.

According to former RAW chief AS Dulat, Doval was in constant touch with him from Kandahar during that time. It was Doval who persuaded the hijackers to release the passengers.

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