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Bullies brutally beaten Dalit youth for playing horn

Turban: In Balapur village of Jeenpur Kotwali of District Azamgarh, the bullies brutally beat up the Dalit labor while playing the horn of the vehicle for the side. As soon as the incident was reported, the human rights organization Rihai Manch (Rihai Manch) met the injured and promised to fight justice at every level. The delegation included Advocate Hemant, Umesh Kumar, social worker Deepak.

When Umesh Kumar spoke to the family from the release stage, the injured Ram Pravesh son Ramkaran told that he was going to the market to pick up diesel for irrigation of the farm at around 10 am on 31 December. Vishal Mishra was standing with many people on the way.

Rampravesh played a horn to ask for a favor, then Vishal Mishra started beating and beating Rampravesh with racist abuses. When the villagers reached the noise, the matter somehow calmed down and Rampravesh returned to his home.

After some time, while Ram Pravesh and Brijesh Kumar were irrigating their field, Vishal Mishra came there with a goal of about 25 people and broke on Brijesh Kumar and Rampravesh with hockey, stick, knife and both badly. Mara-beaten, in which Brijesh was badly injured.

The incident was reported to Jeyanpur Kotwali where no action has been taken even after the FIR was registered. The victim’s family alleges that Dabangg is still threatening them.

Expressing grief from the Rihai Manch, the family said, ‘We are poor laborers, our boys have been attacked by criminals with the intention of killing them. Criminals are still roaming free and threatening to kill. Instead of justice, the police of the Yogi government has caught us with a piece of paper. No criminal has been arrested yet.

The aggrieved family alleged that, ‘Day to day, there are deadly attacks on Dalits (Dalits) and we poor people are not safe at all in the Yogi government. Today has been several days for the attack, yet no criminal was arrested. Is there any mixed involvement of the police and criminals? ‘

On the other hand, villagers also told from the platform that the bullying of the bullies is still going on. Doing rounds from motorcycle from morning till evening. They are abusing and threatening to kill. The whole village is demanding justice.

Rhea Manch General Secretary Rajiv Yadav said that Dalits, backward, minorities and women are being tortured in the Yogi government. The UP police has failed to stop them. Justice will be fought at every level.

The Dalit youth was brutally beaten up by bullies for playing the horn, first appeared on the GANDHIGIRI.

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