Pakistani police brutality, 21-year-old shot dead for not stopping his car

Islamabad: One such incident of Islamabad Police (Pakistan) has come out in Pakistan, which will also surprise you. In Islamabad, Pakistan, the police fired 22 rounds on a 21-year-old youth, that is, 22 shots were fired.

After which the person died on going to the hospital. The police did this because the man did not stop the car at the behest of the police. The person’s name is being described as Usama Satti.

According to the report, Usama Satti was driving in the car at around 2 am on Saturday (2 January), he did not stop the car at the behest of the police, after which the soldiers started firing at him with deadly weapons.

During this, the person had 17 bullets in his body. Because of which he died on the spot.

Islamabad Police said, 21-year-old Usama Satti was shot dead on the Srinagar highway after allegedly ignoring the police warning to stop the car.

An Islamabad police spokesman said the anti-terrorism squad was patrolling the area. During this time, he saw the car coming up, whose glass was mounted on top, so he asked to stop it, but the young man ignored his words. After which the police chased the vehicle and opened fire on the tires.

Apart from the police, the father of the deceased has demanded justice for his son who was killed at the hands of the police by Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan.

The young man’s father said in a complaint to the police that his son was returning home with a friend at 2 am.

He said, the police officer himself (SSO) has admitted that Usama was innocent, but, later the police did not make any official statement.

He said, ‘My son was shot multiple times. They (anti-terrorism squad) have openly promoted terrorism by targeting the windscreen instead of the tires.

The father has demanded that the policemen involved in the incident be charged with terrorism. He said, his son had informed him of an occasion in the past when he had an argument with some policemen.

After which the police threatened him with dire consequences. He said, on the night of the incident, police allegedly chased her car and then shot her.

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