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Yogi’s ‘Zero Tolerance’ under BJP rule is like Mungerilal’s dream: Akhilesh Yadav

Lucknow: Samajwadi Party National President and former Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav has said that during the tenure of the BJP government, the peace system has suffered the most. The pauper of power protected criminals has appeared on every side. The Chief Minister talks a lot about zero tolerance against crime, but criminals have a free hand in his own home district. Expecting the BJP government to make the state crime-free has to be proved to be Mungerilal’s dream.

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Akhilesh said, “Allahabad High Court has condemned the increasing incidents of snatching in the state and said that fear is prevailing among the women. They cannot come out wearing jewellery. The judges have said that criminals should be restrained. Not a day goes by when even in the capital, the incidents of cheating and snatching do not happen. Incidents of kidnapping, murder, robbery and rape come to the fore every day. In most cases, the police complete the meal only after registering a report.

He said that the presence of professional robbers and dacoits in Gorakhpur’s VVIP district itself proves that during his tenure, the Chief Minister is failing to maintain law and order in his own city, let alone the state. This situation is absolutely shameful.

The SP chief said, ADG police had made a list of crimes and criminals in Gorakhpur and Basti mandals in the past. According to him, top class crooks were involved in 2749 incidents in seven districts of the said divisions. There are maximum number of robbers and dacoits in Gorakhpur. Here a list of 979 people who robbed property of five lakhs or more and the number of 100 miscreants who committed dacoity has been made. 25 There are such robbers who do not hesitate to kill even if they oppose the loot. In Sant Kabirnagar, 426 professional shooters have been identified for killing betel nut.

Questioning the role of the police in the BJP rule, Akhilesh said that, following the Chief Minister’s ‘Thoko’ policy, the police personnel and officers also consider it their right to commit atrocities on peace loving citizens. Houses of Dalit Basti were demolished in Raunapar Palia village of Azamgarh. Under the BJP rule, in many districts, there is definitely evidence of some BJP leader’s hand on the criminals involved in spurious liquor and illegal mining. The morale of the police has also gone down as a result of instructions to take action after seeing caste and party. In the Samajwadi Party government, the UP Dial 100 service was started for the smooth arrangement of the police system and 1090 service was started for the control of crimes related to women. The BJP made them inactive. As a result, today the BJP rule has turned into dark and crime state and there is panic in the entire state. The public will be able to get rid of it only when the Samajwadi Party government is formed in 2022.

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