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Bulldozer reached Jauhar University, cleaning machine worth crores found in excavation

During Samajwadi Party govt, machine worth crores of rupees were bought by Rampur municipality

Rampur: Samajwadi Party’s stronghold man Azam Khan once again in trouble. On Monday, bulldozer of Rampur district administration reached inside Azam Khan’s Jauhar University.

On the behest of supporters of Azam Khan’s son Abdullah Azam, police recovered cleaning machine from Jauhar University after excavating municipality of Rampur.

There has been stir since machine was recovered from the university. In this case, police have registered another FIR against seven people including Azam Khan, Abdullah Azam.

Let remind you that, during Samajwadi Party government, machine worth crores of rupees were bought by Rampur municipality. Which was being used in Jauhar University instead of Municipality.

At the same time, when BJP government came in 2017 and these machines were searched, it was found that these machines were cut and suppressed inside the university. The same machine was recovered by police on Monday after digging.

Describing about this action taken in Jauhar University, Additional SP Sansar Singh said that two accused were caught on the charge of gambling, in which one is named Salim and the other is Anwar.

Both of them are very close to Azam’s MLA son Abdullah. He disclosed many things during interrogation. On which basis Walker Ali registered a case in Kotwali. According to the case, in the previous government, the municipality had bought a huge machine for land cleaning, which was worth crores.

The machine was being used in the university instead of the general public. When the new government was formed, that machine was discovered. After which the university administration, the Vice-Chancellor and their associates together got that machine cut and buried it in the ground.

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