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Priyanka Gandhi gave ticket to Unnao rape victim’s mother

Lucknow: National General Secretary of Indian National Congress and in-charge of Uttar Pradesh Priyanka Gandhi, released the first list of Congress candidates for Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections 2022 by holding a press conference. Fulfilled the promise of giving tickets to 40 percent women in this list.

According to its promise, the Congress party has nominated women and youth fighting against inequality and injustice as its candidates.

Priyanka said that the mother of the girl from Unnao is our candidate who fought for justice against the rapist MLA of the ruling party.

That Asha sister of Shahjahanpur is our candidate who came to the Chief Minister’s meeting to demand her rights, then she was beaten up and broke her hand, but she could not suppress her voice.

The people’s representative of Lakhimpur is our candidate who mustered the courage to contest the election of the block chief against the BJP, then the BJP members chirped him, but could not lower his morale.

The woman from Lucknow is our candidate who was harassed for registering a protest against the citizenship law, but she still stood by the truth.

That tribal brother of Sonbhadra is our candidate whose tribal brothers and sisters were massacred by the bullies. Power did not do justice to them but they did not leave the path of justice and struggle.

Rivers are the lifeline of the Nishads. The Nishads have the right over the rivers and their resources. In Baswar, Prayagraj, the Nishads were beaten up by the police of the BJP government for extracting sand from the rivers due to pressure from the big mining mafia. Boats of Nishads were burnt. Alpana Nishad became the voice of the struggle for the rights of the Nishads.

Priyanka said that we have received applications from many women, among them there are many who never got a chance. There are many who have struggled a lot and are contesting elections for the first time.

Our goal is also that our role should increase, our party should become strong. We have decided that we will not do negative campaigns. We will fight elections on positive issues. Will fight elections on the issues of women, dalits, youth so that the state progresses.

Why is there no talk on youth? Why don’t the victims talk? Why is there no talk of injustice being done to the unemployed? Aren’t they in a percentage? When we started talking about women, all the parties started making announcements. BJP, SP, RLD, BSP all made announcements. This is our success that women can no longer be ignored. I will continue the efforts which I have started, I will remain in UP even after the elections.

“If our party says that our role should be elsewhere, then I will do that too,” she said. We will continue our efforts to strengthen the party.

Priyanka Gandhi Vadra said that in our first list of 125 candidates, 40 percent are women and 40 percent are youth. These include journalists, actresses and struggling women who have faced harassment.

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